Wroclaw (Poland), 15-19 October 2018

On 15–19 October 2018, Maurizio Ferrari, the leader of IFN–CNR-CSMFO Research Laboratory in Trento, Italy, was invited to Wroclaw (Poland) to give the lectures at the universities and research institutes. The visit was organized within the Visiting Professor Program financed by the Municipal Office of Wroclaw with Scientiae Wratislavienses funds and was co-funded with RECOLA project. In the lectures and discussions, the topic of recycling technologies was included.

On October 16th, the team members from IFN–CNR and ILTSR PAS, were invited by the Marshal’s Office of Lower Silesia to attend the CircE (European regions toward Circular Economy, Project within Interreg Europe 2014-2020 Program) Partner meeting "Sharing policy approach" in Wroclaw. We have joint the Stakeholders group and presented RECOLA activities hoping to collaborate with CircE in the field of Circular Economy.

Wroclaw (Poland), 19 October 2018

RECOLA team got new experience working with very young “students” from the kindergarten No. 130 in Wroclaw. Together, we were discussing the topic of Recycling: How to make a new lamp from e-waste. We tried to explain what are light, light sources, colours or energy and why it is important to collect wastes properly. We were glad to see that kids know very well how to disseminate and collect wastes including lamps and e-wastes.

Maresias-SP (Brasil), 26-31 August 2018

In August, RECOLA was presented in Maresias-SP (Brasil) during ICOOPMA2018 - 8th International Conference on Optical Optoelectronic and Photonic Materials and Applications [].

Sidney J.L. Ribeiro, Ariane T. Mitsuhara, Thais C.A. da Silva, Ysabela M. Thomeu, Diego Boldo, Rogéria R. Gonçalves, Osvaldo A. Serra, Sara A. Bilmes, Juan Rodriguez, Maurizio Ferrari, Anna L. Lukowiak


Wroclaw (Poland), 16-18 May 2018

In May, RECOLA was presented in Wroclaw (Poland) during REMat2018 - 5th International Conference on Rare Earth Materials [] - an international meeting that showcased the latest research and advances in both academic and commercial aspects of rare earths. RECOLA patronized a special session on Refining, recycling and resources of rare-earths.

Two project investigators - Anna Lukowiak and Osvaldo Serra - presented talks entitled Urban mining: A new lanthanides source from e-waste and Rare earths recovery from exhausted FCC.

Rome (Italy), November 30 - December 2, 2017

RECOLA was present at the International Workshops PRE'17 (Session B2: Materials and Fabrication) with the oral communication:

"Recovery of lanthanides from e-waste"
R. Tomala, A. Hojenska, W. Strek, S. Aldabe Bilmes, S.J.L. Ribeiro, J. Rodriguez, L. Zur, M. Ferrari, Anna Lukowiak (Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research, PAS, Wroclaw, Poland)

Trento (Italy), MUSE - Museum of Science, 29 September 2017

The aim of the initiative, organized in collaboration with the Provincia Autonoma di Trento and with the endorsement of the Comune di Trento, was to offer to the citizens and the whole community of the area, the opportunity to interact with researchers in an informal environment feeling their passion, their motivation and getting to know their working methodologies and obtained results.

Planned initiatives included: scientific corners, research meetings and dinners with researchers.

The special guest of this year was the Nobel Physics Prize winner Wolfgang Ketterle, who engaged the audiences with curious experiments telling his research on cold atoms with temperatures close to absolute zero.

CNR-IFN was also present with an information stand, which presented it's research project co-funded by the European ERANet-LAC 2nd Joint Call on Research and Innovation.
RECOLA - Recovery of lanthanides and other metals from WEEE

Photo Gallery, RECOLA - Notte dei Ricercatori - 29 September 2017

Trento (Italy), piazza Fiera, 12-13-14 May 2017

At 60 years of the Treaty of Rome, the annual Europe Day is giving a new look. From 12 to 14 May, in Piazza Fiera, "Siamo Europa" will take place, three days dedicated to the European Union: meetings, shows, books, project presentations ... and much more.

CNR-IFN will also be present with an information stand, which will present it's research project co-funded by the European ERANet-LAC 2nd Joint Call on Research and Innovation.
RECOLA - Recovery of lanthanides and other metals from WEEE

Photo Gallery, RECOLA - Siamo Europa - 12-13-14 May 2017